Bill Peaslee Photography: Blog en-us (C) Bill Peaslee Photography (Bill Peaslee Photography) Tue, 05 Jan 2021 23:59:00 GMT Tue, 05 Jan 2021 23:59:00 GMT About 15 About 15 days before I load up and hit the road. Still planing on taking the southern route by following I10 more or less. Since the extreme weather season is in effect my route may change based on travel conditions. The amount of time it takes will depend on what is happening with the zombie virus and related restrictions. Based on the current steps states are taking I may get in some of the photographic stops I planned on 3 months ago.


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Here I sit broken hearted...... Prior to the current zombie apocalypse I was preparing to embark on a cross country road trip to Mass. I wanted to go in the early spring to avoid bad weather while traveling through the southern states. I had plans on hitting some major zoos and wildlife parks for lots of photos. Once in Mass I would spend about a month there assisting our daughter with her photography journey. I was looking forward to some whale watching and grand kid shenanigans. Here it is the Beginning of May which puts me about a month behind schedule. It looks like I will be leaving the first week of June (depending on where we are apocalypse wise). Doubtful I will be spending any time at zoo's or wildlife parks, driving through a zoo that was never designed for drive thru is a waste of time for photographs. Hopefully things will slowly return to semi normal by June and the drive will be in lite traffic.

Any opportunity I get for photos along the way will be posted here and on my Facebook page and hopefully when I get back to Mass the beaches will be closed due to White Sharks and not the zombie virus.

Stay tuned......

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